Zoom Guide

Hello coach extraordinaire what a wonderful journey you are on. There’s so much to learn including the wonderful world of embracing technology so this guide will help you to get around the Zoom platform so you can have the best experience in your classes and trainings.

Zoom is the platform where you access your trainings and classes/webinars throughout your course.

Your very first training will be your Foundations of Coaching Success (FOCS) training. And your very first class is likely to be the Pre FOCS webinar. Both of these will be run on the Zoom platform.

Here’s what you can expect.

1. You will receive a link to register and by clicking on it you will arrive at a page as displayed in the pic below


2. The link to join the class or training will then be sent to whichever email you entered in the form above. Keep an eye out for that email and even copy and paste the link to join into a notepad on your computer if you find that easier than trying to dig through your emails later.

If you register at the time when the Zoom class or training is about to begin then you will be taken straight into the training.

3. If it’s your first time in zoom the program may want you to set up your camera and microphone, follow the prompts and get that set up. It’s so much fun to connect with everyone on the call and being able to see and hear people really helps to bring you all closer together, even when we are miles apart!

You have full control of your camera and microphone at the bottom left of your screen…


4. This one is a bonus step and it’s just in the name of fun and self-expression. Let’s add a background behind you...If your computer technology allows then click on the little arrow beside the Start Video button and select “Choose Virtual Background”


On the next screen you can add an image (you’ll need to have it saved on your computer first) by clicking the little plus button...Have fun!


And then let’s change your name (don’t make it too different or the team might not be able to identify you for the more logistical purposes, however if your name is Jackson and you like to be called Jack or your name is Patricia and you like to be called Trish, then this is your time to shine…

Hover your mouse over the box where you are in Zoom and click on the 3 dots that appear to the top right… and select “Rename” this will make a box pop up that you can type your name into.


5. The next thing to have awareness of is the Participants button and the Chat button, the chat button speaks for itself…this is where you will type comments in. A chat box will appear, and you can position it anywhere you like on your screen.


An important thing to notice is the word “Everyone” that means your comment can be read by everyone in the training. If you see a person’s name in there, that means you are privately speaking to them, this can happen if someone has privately messaged you first. Also, if you want to privately message someone, click on “Everyone” and select the person you wish to message. Just remember to switch it back to “Everyone” once you’re done.

When you click on the participants button a side panel on the right will appear or a box on the screen, much like the chat box will pop up. It will have everyone’s names in it that is in the training and most importantly at the bottom of that you will see the little blue hand that is “Raise Hand” you can use this to get the trainers attention to ask a question or to be brought of mute. If the little hand doesn’t get their attention, then waving frantically with a big smile does.



6. Be sure to keep an eye on your mute/unmute button


If you’re not talking or intending to talk then you should be always on mute. It can be very distracting to everyone if you’re off mute and you have background noise, or you’re rustling around papers and moving about in general.


7. As a rule. Unless your technology simply doesn’t allow video then please do make sure we can see your lovely face...Even make the effort to pick up a webcam before your training if you can.


8. There will be times when you go into what is called a “breakout room” where you may coach or discuss things with others. It’s not so awesome if your partner has to talk to a black screen. There’s something really special about face to face connection. 

The invite to the breakout room will appear as pictured below. You will need to click on "Join Breakout Room" to go there. 


You can leave the breakout room at anytime by clicking on "Leave" in the bottom right corner of your Zoom screen. There will be a timer set by the admin of the Zoom training that will automatically send you back to the main room when the breakout room time is over. 



Ok, that’s it. You are ready to rock and roll. Have the best time! See you in there! 

Team TCI xx



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