Knowledge Paper & Webinar Updates


For those of you who have been students for a while now you will notice that the webinar schedule doesn’t quite look like it used to. It has gone from several webinars in an evening to only one! Here is the biggest most important question we have anticipated for you.

I’m doing my knowledge paper and now the classes are gone…help!!

For any students who have already started their Knowledge Paper prior to July 1st you can 100% still complete it with ease. All of the classes you need to attend are already in your Moodle resources.

The biggest difference will be is that you will watch a recorded version of the class instead of attending it LIVE. For any classes that you watch recorded you can write the word “recorded” where the code is requested, and we will accept that.

If you watch a webinar after July 1st and want to use it for you Knowledge Paper, the best match is any “Group Mentoring” classes. You do not need to match the title of the class, write the title of the class you attended, give the code and then the MOST IMPORTANT part is that you share your 3 key learnings, that is what you are being assessed on.

July 1st  a new updated version of the Knowledge Paper that matches the new webinar schedule was released. If you haven’t yet started, or you’re just getting started, we recommend you switch over/or begin the new Knowledge Paper.

The Wow team are on hand to help you work through your Knowledge paper and navigate these changes.

Reviewed and updated 11/08/2020


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