How to write a bio

The purpose of your bio is to highlight all your accomplishments to showcase your Authority and Credibility (and importantly for Coaches) - your Likeability.
It should be written in 3rd person and specify the Credentials that matter most to your Avatar, stuff like:
- Your pic;
- Your area of specialty
- The name of your Blog
- Any claims to fame
- Books, TV Appearances, Profile Companies you've worked with
- Associations or Organisations you belong to; or
- Industry based projects you are involved in 

Example #1


Starting out as a personal trainer, Matt began his coaching journey to help his clients transform not only their body but also their mindset, creating a successful business in the health and wellness industry.

Matt brings unparalleled passion to serving, mentoring and championing our successful coaches on a massive scale. With over 4000 hours of coaching experience, he is the leading coach and mentor of Australia's #1 community of successful coaches.
Example #2

(this copy begins after an initial introduction on video with John Assaraf)
Sharon’s journey began as a coach in her bedroom with her awesome pooch Buffy as her only employee and her dog walker as her very first client . . .
Fast forward 13 years and Sharon has reinvented the potential that coaching holds, authored 4 (almost 5) international bestselling books on personal, business and coaching success, built award-winning teams, trained award-winning coaches, inspired culture-driven results, and created the world's first and only research-based coaching methodology, Meta Dynamics™.
The Coaching Institute, founded by Sharon in 2004, has trained over 6000 coaches to date and empowered thousands of people around the world to live life on their terms, and to live their dreams. . .
Example #3
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