How to write and publish a book.

What an awesome milestone to be at! Congratulations for being ready to write your own book! 

Here you will find the resources at each level of our coaching courses that can help you with this: 

  • In Level 1, there's a class on writing articles. Business #5: Marketing Foundations | Introduction to Writing Articles for Success.  
  • In Level 2, there's a module on writing your first book (pictured). You'll find it here... Business #7: Writing Your First Best-Selling Book.
  • In Level 3, this workbook will be invaluable as you consider your various coaching and marketing tools. In Your Manuals, Templates and Resources | Your Successful Coaching Product.
  • And if you're in Pro Coach, head over to Small Business Academy in My Courses | Small Business Academy | Your Manuals, Templates and Resources
    In MANUALS there's the fabulous section - How to Write a Best Seller.


After years of experience and having written and published 7 books in total, Sharon Pearson's advice is to self-publish your book, at least for your first book, as the process has been made very streamlined by Amazon.

This help file on Amazon's site will assist you in getting started: 


Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020



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