Meta Magic Training

If you are enrolled in or have completed the following trainings - Meta Dynamics™ II AND Meta Dynamics™ III - then this training is available as a gift to you FREE - Valued at $4997

THIS is the training that is currently creating the most self aware and the most successful coaches around the world. Pretty big statement, we know.

Meta Dynamics™ is the first and only proven, research based coaching methodology in the world and YOU have access to it here at TCI.

#MetaMagic is where we get to go DEEP.

We get into... The... Most... Powerful... Techniques... Available... Anywhere...

Parts Integration; TCI Deep State Repatterning™; and then... combining the DSR with the Forgiveness and Self-Love Journey.

It’s so powerful and yep dare I say it…EPIC!!! SP will be doing REAL TIME interventions so you can experience firsthand just how powerful these techniques are.

Your preparation will include:

1. Presuppositions - the beliefs

2. Presuppositions - the nine language patterns

3. Milton Language - all of them - bring game

4. Submodalities - what they are, how they work, the language to use them in Swish, Like to Dislike etc

5. Parts Integration (Yep, we're covering this, too) (script coming)

6.. The TCI DSR™ Technique (script coming!)

7. Self-Love Technique (script coming)



Head on over to the trainings page

If you are there too early (and the register now button is not open yet) please give the Wow team a call for early registration on (03) 9645 9945.

Reviewed and updated 11/08//2020




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