What is Advanced Skills?

What training is this?  

Advanced Skills

What level is this training for?

This training is for Level 2 Advanced Practitioner students and up.

Why this training rocks  

We're moving towards a more evidence based coaching model including proven interventions through Positive Psychology research.

And as it develops further in 2020 - keep an eye out on this FAQ for further updates

How much does it cost?

If you're in Level 2 and up this training is a part of your course.

The gap payment for this (how much you have to have paid off your course) is $4957.

When can I do it?

After you've attended Foundations of Coaching Success and covered the gap payment.

How do I access the pre-learning?

Keep an eye out for the emails that you will receive. You may be directed to a pre learning group on Facebook or there may be new content uploaded to your Level 2 Advanced Practitioner area in Moodle. As the training shifts into new territory we are creating and exploring the best ways to connect prior to the training.

How do I register?

Head on over to the TCI website and register for the training you wish to attend.

Reviewed and updated 11/08/2020



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