How to book in for trainings in advance

Are you eligible for the training?

To register for a training you must be in the right level program. Give the Wow team a call if you're unsure.

Have you paid enough for this training? 

There are certain trainings that require a Gap Payment to be covered before you can register for them. 
The Gap Payment is a part of your course fees, it's not an additional cost. If you have not paid enough of your course to attend the training, you can either pay in advance or wait for the next available training.

Where to find your trainings

You can find the events training calendar in the Events drop down menu in Moodle...

OR by following this link:

If a gap payment is required you'll receive an email that will alert you to contact the Accounts team or the WOW Team will give you a call to support you.

Once you have successfully registered for a training event you will receive emails giving you of all the information you'll need to attend the event and get the most out of it!

How to book in

You can register directly online via the TCI website or if you're unsure give the Wow Team a call or send an email to with the event you would like to book into and also the dates.

- Do not book flights and accommodation until receiving confirmation of registration.
- If you can not attend the event you have signed up to for any reason you must let the Wow Team know at least a month in advance to avoid a $500 cancellation fee.

Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020


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