What is Meta Dynamics™ Level II

What training is this?

Meta Dynamics™ Level  II

Why this training rocks   

Take your skills to the next level with this 5 day advanced training event. This training is the second level of Meta Dynamics™ and you will discover how to use advanced Meta Dynamics™ methodologies to produce outstanding and fat tracked results with your clients. You will expand your understanding of communication, language structure, human behaviour and success. Included in your training is the complete Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool and Diagnostic.

-Organise, categorise and manage incredible amounts of information effortlessly
-Understand what drives human behaviour and decision-making
-Assess and assist in decision making with clarity and ease
-Change destructive behavioural patterns
-Align values for top achievement, peak performance and motivation
-Gain the ability to ‘read people’ quickly
-Master modelling to replicate success
-Become a Certified Meta Dynamics™ Consultant

How much does it cost? 

$5,333 via instalments.  $4,997 if paid up front.  

For a student to do this they must have paid $13,463 of their course.  – Check in with the WOW Team to see if you are eligible. 

When can I do this training?

If a student is in Pro Coach and has completed Meta Dynamics™ Level I and has no gap payments.

How do I access the pre-learning?

The pre-learning will begin weeks in advance and if you register too late you may have your application turned down as you would have to much pre-learning to catch up on - and we would not be setting you up for success! So make sure you're booking in way in advance.

Head over to Moodle  > My Courses >  Meta Dynamics™ II > Meta Dynamics™ II Pre-Learning

Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020




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