What is Meta Dynamics™ Level II

What training is this  

Meta Dynamics™ Level  II

Why this training rocks  

Take your skills to the next level with the Meta Dynamics™ five day advanced training event. This course is the second level of Meta Dynamics™ and you will discover how to use advanced Meta Dynamics™ methodologies to produce outstanding results. You will expand your understanding of communication, language structure, human behaviour and success. Included in your training is the complete Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool and Diagnostic.

-Organise, categorise and manage incredible amounts of information effortlessly
-Understand what drives human behaviour and decision-making
-Assess and assist in decision making with clarity and ease
-Change destructive behavioural patterns
-Align values for top achievement, peak performance and motivation
-Gain the ability to ‘read people’ quickly
-Master modelling to replicate success
-Become a Certified Meta Dynamics™ Consultant

How much does it cost 

$5,333 via installments.  $4,997 if paid up front.  

For a student to do this they must have paid $13463 of their course.  – Check in with the WOW Team to see if you are eligible. 

When can a student do it

If a student is in Pro Coach, has completed Meta 1 and have no gap payments.

How do they access the pre-learning

Head over to Moodle  > My Courses >  Meta Dynamics™ II > Meta Dynamics™ II Pre – Learning

Link >>


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