How can I gain more practice in coaching while I'm learning?

We commend you for wanting more get more coaching practice! Consistent practice and implementation of what you are learning from your course into coaching sessions are crucial for your success as a coach. 

Make sure that you complete your triads where you get to practice coaching along with other TCI coaches and get mentored on your coaching skills. 

Another way to gain more practice is to do lots of pro bono (free) Peer Coaching sessions! 

We have set up a Facebook group for finding pro bono peer coaches, called TCI Peer Coaching. If you haven't joined yet, click the link and request to join! 

When you open up the group URL, watch the video pinned on top, which will help you understand how Peer Coaching works, how to structure it, and how to rock it.  

To find a peer coach, simply post in the TCI Peer Coaching group, and let everyone know that you are looking for someone to coach. Some things to include in your post:  

  • Why is practicing coaching so important to you?
  • What should the peer coach expect from you?
  • What can they count on you for?
  • Your general availability and when you'd like to hold the sessions in the week
  • Above all, make the post engaging, and easy to say "Yes" to for the coaches who are reading it!

Good luck with your coaching practice!

Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020




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