How can I rock Dream Team mentoring as a Pro Coach?

A big part of being a Pro Coach is the exclusive access you have to the Dream Team, TCI Marketing team, for all of your high tech and strategical marketing questions, through one-one-one mentoring calls.

What Dream team can help with: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Funnels
  • FB marketing
  • Website + landing page conversion
  • Technical questions
  • Avatar analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting

To really rock this session, come prepared. Have all of your questions ready, be ready with specific outcomes you'd like and specific deliverable you'd like to walk away from the session with. 

We ask that you have at least one paying client in order to see Dream Team, and the purpose for that is because having a paying client means that you are ready for marketing. Before you book with Dream Team, make sure you look for some of your answers to questions in Moodle and manuals.

If you have an urgent request, post to Pro Coaches FB group, GSI Mentor (FB account used by Dream Team) will answer there in under 24 hours. If the request is tactical, post to Pro Coaches FB group, too. And, if your request is strategic: book a mentoring call with Dream Team,

Criteria for you to be booked into Dream Team mentoring:

  • Have at least 1 paying client
  • Be in Pro Coach course
  • Attendance to any Business Skills training
  • Attendance to FOCS
  • Understand your avatar/target market
  • Understand product packages
  • Understand your USPs (Unique Selling Points)

 How to book Dream Team mentoring: 

  • Call up the WOW team at 03 9645 9945, or send us an email to
  • Let us know that you want to book Dream Team and we will send you a questionnaire to complete which will be used to better understand your request
  • Once we receive the questionnaire, we will book you to a time slot with one of our Dream Members and you'll be good to rock out!




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