What is the difference between Your Ultimate Self and Ultimate You Quest?

Your Ultimate Self program (YUS) was created in a Meta Dynamics™ Foundations training, in Feb 2017, as a part of Sharon Pearson's "Ultimate You Quest" body of work. It was created to help coaches coach self-love. After its release, the feedback we got from our students was that YUS contained a lot of coach-ey language and they wished for a program that was a bit more tailored to the general audience. Then, Ultimate You Quest (UYQ) was born, as a self-paced 12-step program for self-love.

The main difference between the two program is that YUS contain a lot more technical coaching language and jargon, and is more suited for coaches to be used as a tool for coaching self-love. If sold to a coaching client, it is best that the client uses a coach to help integrate YUS and what comes up for them along the journey. 

UYQ, on the other hand, is suitable for a general market, for people who want to learn more about creating more self-love, deeper and meaningful relationships, reclaim their I AM-ness, establish healthy boundaries and navigate through tribal cycles. It is meant for self-study, and the levels in UYQ are released on a weekly time frame to allow members time to work through each level. There is also a private Facebook group to support members.

If you'd like to know more about these programs and take the journey for yourself connect with the WOW Team on (03) 9645 9945 or send us an email to

Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020


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