Ultimate Wealth

Who is the program for? 

Niche: Wealth-building. Wants to create long-lasting, sustainable wealth that gives them a feeling of financial freedom and deep fulfilment. Sick and tired of 'get-rich-quick' schemes that just don't work in the long run.

Where can I read more? 

CLICK HERE to read more about the Ultimate Wealth program. 

Why become an Ambassador?

Advantages of accessing this online program rather than creating your own include:

  • Borrowing credibility and authority by co-branding alongside 4 world leaders in personal development
  • The program website, portal, ambassador dashboard and bonuses are all taken care of by a world leading tech team for you
  • Create coaching packages and relationships around a world leading personal development program to give your client certainty on where specifically they will be improving
  • Sales & Marketing classes available to learn the best ways of creating an income and sharing the program with your clients
  • Exclusive “Ultimate Wealth” Facebook community access
  • Ongoing support and access to with experienced mentors who created and use this program successfully

How to get started selling Ultimate Wealth

There are many ways to go about this and your style and flow will be unique to you, so what we will share here today will be a general guide on how to get started quickly :) 

  1. Get really familiar with your program
  2. Coach as much as you can, aim to nail your first 100 hours, do this via lots of pro bono coaching, every week have pro bono’s on the go until you have more paid coaches than pro bono
  3. While you’re coaching, coaching, coaching set some time aside each day to explore your Ambassador resources so you know all of the wonderful and extremely professional marketing resources you have available.
  4. Create a Facebook Page so you can start sharing your message and get a feel for what your audience resonates with
  5. When you need support head to the Ambassador's Rocking Out group to ask your questions

After you have done all of this, then you start getting more advanced with your marketing and sales techniques. Unless of course you’re totally savvy and have nailed that already :)

I’m in the Professional  Coach program and I got it gifted to me for free can I become an Ambassador too?

Yes :)  If you're a Pro Coach, you have Ultimate Wealth as a gift, and you're already eligible to be an Ultimate Wealth Ambassador. You should see the Ultimate Wealth Ambassador program in your GSI Membership area, log in here if you do not see it in there, let us know and we’ll take care of that for you.






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