Ambassador Programs - Which one is right for my client?

Listed below is a brief overview of who might be a match, for which Ambassador program, that you have available to you, as a coach. 

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Your Ultimate Self

Niche: Self-Love. Less about external success, more about internal success, wants to understand themselves better, it's about the internal journey. Level 2-3 on TRUSTME

Your Success

Niche: Personal Development. More about external success, great next step from YUS, wants to connect with thought leaders like Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, want to hit goals, create success. Level 2-3 on TRUSTME

Disruptive Leadership

Niche: Business/Leadership. Wants to help others create success, in business and in life, they're a manager/leader/business owner or wants to become one. Level 3-4 on TRUSTME

Ultimate Influence

Niche: Business/Sales. Wants to create business success and sales success wants to grow businesses, for themselves as well as help others do the same. Level 3-5 on TRUSTME.

Ultimate Wealth

Niche: Wealth-building. Wants to create long-lasting, sustainable wealth that gives them a feeling of financial freedom and deep fulfilment. Sick and tired of 'get-rich-quick' schemes that just don't work in the long run. Level 3-4 on TRUSTME.

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