The 4 Part Copy-Writing Model

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The 4 Part Copy-Writing Model is helpful when Writing (or even doing Videos) to connect with our Market because it helps us to build a sense of Curiosity, Interest, Desire, Engagement & Responsiveness where they would otherwise perhaps overlook your piece. 

Because here's the thing we have to remember as Marketers, the Market only cares about THEM and THEIR problems. 

They worry about how long they've had the problem, the impact that it's having on their lives, the people it's affecting, can they really handle having this problem another day, the consequences that are compounding because of this problem and wondering it's them that are the problem. 

So this model, the 4 Part Copy-Writing Model, which is also in the Small Business Academy (Pro Coach only), steps you through how to create a connection with your market through your writing.


The 4 Part Copy Writing Formula


The headline says it all – your words want to INTERRUPT the reader so they stop at your ad/email/video etc.
Get qualified prospects to pay attention to your marketing. Accomplished by identifying and hitting your prospects’ hot buttons.


Then they need to ENGAGE the reader so they stay.
Give prospects the promise that information is forthcoming that will facilitate their decision making process.


Then you want to EDUCATE the reader so they trust you.
Identify the important and relevant issues prospects need to be aware of, then demonstrate how you stack up against those issues. Build a case for your business.

Call To Action:

Finally, have a CALL TO ACTION so the reader does something other than moving on and forgetting about you!
Give prospects a low‐risk way to take the next step in the buying process...put more information in their hands and allow them to feel in total control of the decision.

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