How to find TCI Members in Specific Locations

TCI Members can be found far and wide, in Australia and all around the world!

If you are looking for members in your area or you are going on holiday and you want to visit and catch up with TCI buddies, there is a way of doing this.

It's a little tricky, but you can do it!! You must be on your desktop to do this, do not try it on your phone.

1. Open up a new internet browser tab/window (Chrome)

2. Open and sign into Facebook.

3. Search Facebook for the city you are wanting to find TCI members in. (see image below) - find the official city page. In the example I've done I chose Auckland.

4. Look at the URL at the top of the page and you'll see a long 15 digit number. This is the LOCATION ID. (see image below)


5. Open up a new browser tab. Copy and paste the following URL into the browser URL section... image below)


6. Copy (Ctrl+C) the 15 digit number and paste it within the link above and replace the word "LOCATIONID".
(see image below) - Auckland 15 digit number is 101883149853721.


7. Your URL should now look something like this...

8. Press ENTER.

9. A list of TCI members will come up. (see image below)


10. Some of these members will have "Lives in...(Auckland)" "Moved from.. (Other city)" "From... (Auckland)". The people who have "Lives in..." will be the members that currently live in the city you've searched!



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