How To Register for a Training?

Are you eligible for this training?

To register for a training you must be in the right level program. Please check this article or your study guide to see which trainings are a part of your course.

Have you paid enough for this training?

To register for a training you need to have paid a certain amount of the training. If you have not paid enough of your course to attend the training, this is called a gap payment. In order to attend the training you must pay the gap payment before the training.

Where to find your trainings

You will find your available and future events in the Events Calendar which is under the Events section in Moodle...


OR by following this link:

Click on each of the event ("Register My Spot Now" Button) to learn about it and who will be facilitating it!

You can register on this page by filling out your details. 

If you need to pay a gap payment you will receive an email that will alert you to contact the Accounts team!

Once you have successfully registered for a a training event you will receive emails giving you of all the information you'll need to attend the event and get the most out of it!


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