How do I join The Members of the Coaching Institute Facebook group?

How to join the Members of the Coaching institute is an easy and simple process. However, along with how to join the group, it’s great to know why it is that you are joining and the benefits of doing so.

The main group that all of the TCI students are connected to is ‘Members of the Coaching Institute :)’

This group is a gathering point for both old and current students to share their wins, challenges, ask questions, get advice and mentoring from others and to also connect and collaborate with other awesome people like yourself. The TCI team is also on there to help with questions and to celebrate all your wins!

These other awesome humans who are also in the group are just like you… HUMAN. Everyone is either where you are in your journey or has been at some point. So feel free to share and ask for help. Everyone has your back and is there to help you succeed. It has such an amazing atmosphere of never ending support 24/7, 365 days a year so please tap into it.  

To connect with this group, click here Members of The Coaching Institute and ask to be added to the group. At this point a WOW team member will see that you have requested to join the group and ensure you are added promptly.



We are looking forward to seeing you in the group and watching you Rock Out!


Updated 11/08/2020


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