How Do I Become a Your Ultimate Self Ambassador?

As well as an awesome resource and further learning in itself, the Your Ultimate Self program can also be successfully included in coaching packages and sold separately by it’s ambassadors.

As a member of The Coaching Institute community we have the exclusive opportunity to become an ambassador of this product. This means that after we have purchased the product and applied to become an ambassador we can on sell the program and receive a commission from the sale. 

Advantages of accessing this online program rather than creating your own include:
* Borrowing credibility and authority by co-branding alongside world leaders in personal development 
* Marketing & sales resources have already been created for you
* The program website, portal, ambassador dashboard and bonuses are all taken care of by a world leading tech team for you
* Create coaching packages and relationships around a world leading personal development program to give your client certainty on where specifically they will be improving
* Regular sales & pitch webinars to learn the best ways of creating an income and sharing the program with your clients
* Exclusive “Your Ultimate Self” Facebook community access
* Ongoing support and access to with experienced mentors who created and use this program successfully 

For more information and to apply to become an ambassador head to:

To find out how this program could work for you and your business call the WOW team on (03) 9645 9945


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