What are the Ambassador Programs, how do I become an Ambassador and how much do they cost?

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

Being an ambassador for TCI/GSI programs is one of the best ways to spread the messages contained within each program easily and with much less involvement on our part once we set ourselves up well.

The program/s you've each purchased are now located in the Global Success Institute (Kajabi) Members area. Your Members area may look a little like what's shown in the attached pic.

Your Success
Your Ultimate Self
Disruptive Leadership
Ultimate Influence



You need to be a current member of that program (one or more of the above) as it is currently only available for our students.

1. Once you are a Member, you are eligible to join the Ambassador Program for that program.
2. Head to the Ambassador program registration page to apply. **You need to apply separately for each program you have purchased**

YOUR SUCCESS:…/congratulatio…/



ULTIMATE INFLUENCE:…/diamond-club/

3. Fill in your personal details and submit.

4. You will instantly receive an email from Sharon Pearson with the subject line ‘Welcome to the Referral Partner Program’ with the login details.

5. Click on the personal ‘Infusionsoft Referral Partner Portal’ link and use the login details provided.

Your Ambassador related program should now be accessible to you


What are the Ambassador programs?

What other halo programs can we check out?

What is the cost to become an Ambassador?

What's the recommended retail price for our clients?

How much commission can we make from a typical sale?

How long is membership?

How much is renewing our membership?

Please click here to download an overview and have these questions answered!


How do I package and market my Ambassador programs?

For the exact steps and to receive personalised mentoring on how to package and market your Ambassador program, you can join the Ambassadors Rocking Out facebook group, and get involved in the 90 Day Challenge!

Click here to request to join, and we'll welcome you in!


How do I sell the program to the client?

There are two ways you can sell these programs to your clients:

Option 1 - Your unique tracking link

If they are purchasing the program on its own, then the client can purchase directly through your unique tracking link. This takes the client to your Ambassador checkout page, which tracks their purchase as yours.

They will pay directly to GSI and you can then invoice GSI for the commission once payment has been completed.

You can find instructions on how to access and share the link for your unique Ambassador checkout page in the Ambassador program you have access to. 

1. Go to your Ambassador program in your Global Success Institute library

2. Navigate to the module "Infusionsoft Ambassadors Portal"

3. Check out both the lessons on the left hand side, which give you a video to watch and a link to Infusionsoft follow

Note: if you don't yet have an Infusionsoft login or you're not sure, call the Wow team on 0936 459945

Option 2 - Purchase a license on the phone

If you’d rather take payment yourself or if you’re selling this as part of a package, then you can ring the Wow Team and make a payment over the phone for the client's license. And then provide us their name and email, and we’ll set your client up with their login. Super easy. 


How is commission paid?

If the client has purchased directly from your unique tracking link, then you can claim commission for the purchase by invoicing Global Success Institute and emailing this to 

If the client has purchased on a payment plan, then this is payable to the Ambassador once the whole payment plan is paid by the client. The commission is paid in 60 days after the invoice is received. 

So if the client is on a 12 month payment plan, then the commission is payable after 14 months (12 months plus 60 days).


How long is membership to the programs?

Membership for all programs is 12 months, except for Your Ultimate Self which is lifetime.

Renewing membership can be done on a monthly or yearly basis. 

You can check the renewal investment in the attached PDF. 



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