Ultimate Wealth

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Your Ambassadors Facebook Community:

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What is the investment?

Your investment is $497 Full or $49 Weekly for 12 Weeks for your first login to become a Member and an Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, your subsequent investment is $297 or $29 Weekly for 12 Weeks for each client login.

What if I'm in Pro Coach and I already have access as a free gift?

The great news is as a Pro Coach, because you already have access as a gift, when you make this purchase you then have an additional copy of the program you can sell or give to a client!


Who is this for?

This is for coaches who want to go on their own wealth journey, and want to work with clients to create a wealthy life, which means fulfilment, meaning and abundance in all areas of their life - a  and go on a journey their future self will be so grateful for.


What will I receive?

  • You will receive full access to the complete Ultimate Wealth online program created by Sharon Pearson, including the 5 Parts to Ultimate Wealth mindset, and 10 bonus classes with Sharon.
  • You will be able to onsell an incredible program that will add huge value to your clients, so that you can focus on helping them create change and transformation as they work through the program and implement the Ultimate Wealth Strategies.
  • You will have access to everything you need to package, market and sell Ultimate Wealth to your clients, including specific Ultimate Wealth marketing resources, and personalised mentoring from Ilse Strauss and the Dream Team through the Ambassadors Rocking Out Community.


How long is my membership for?

Your membership is 12 months access to the online program & Facebook group.


How do I renew?

You can renew at $297 yearly or $29 monthly for ongoing membership.

Every member will be notified via email before their membership expires, and be given the option to extend. 


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