How to Rock Your Blended Learning Classes

**Your Ultimate Success Guide To Blended Learning Webinars**

Do you want to get the most out of & absolutely rock your blended learning classes?

Then this is your step by step guide 

Blended Learning is the most powerful style of learning! You get to study epic content prior to the live class & then take all your key learnings and insights to a 2hr webinar with a world-class facilitator.

It's the best way to go even deeper in your coaching, facilitating and business skills so you can add more value to your clients. 

So let's get into it 

 ☆What classes are Blended Learning?

There are 3 Blended Learning Series:

1. Professional Coach Millionaire Marketing Blended Learning 
2. How To Run A Successful Workshop Blended Learning 
3. Meta Dynamics™ Level I Certification Blended Learning

☆Who are the blended learning classes for?

The Millionaire Marketing series is only for Professional Coach.
The How To Run A Successful Workshop & Meta Dynamics™ Series are for Credentialed Master Prac Coaches as well as Professional Coaches.

 ☆Where do you find the pre-learning for each class

For all Blended Learning Classes, the Pre Learning will be located in the following locations: (See photos attached) 
1. At your Members Webinar Registration Area
2. At the webinar registration page 
3. In the confirmation email sent after you register
4. In all Facebook posts leading up to the webinars 
5. In all emails leading up to the webinars
6. In the corresponding Assessment Paper (Edits being made to make it more clear and precise. Will be complete by 7th of Feb)

P.S All HTRSW & Meta Dynamics™ Blended Learning Pre Learning is in your Master Practioner Level >> Module 10 - Blended Learning - Your Pre Learning or your Millionaire Marketing DVDs that came with your Pro Coach Kit

All Millionaire Marketing Pre Learning is accessed via >> Global Success Institute Members Area >> Millionaire Marketing

 ☆ Are Blended Learning classes recorded?

None of the blended learning series are recorded. The reason for this is because it contributes to your assessment paper and meeting the requirements of live training through The International Coaching Guild.

 ☆What do you do if you can't make it to one of the classes?

All the blended learning series run on repeat all your round. If you can't make any of the classes, watch the pre-learning, attend the ones you can and make sure you jump on the class you missed next time around.

 ☆ How do you get the most out of the live class?

Do the pre-learning at least once & capture all your key learnings, insights and questions and then bring them to the live class to go even deeper into the content and its application 

I trust this has been helpful and will ensure you get the most out of your Blended Learning Series so you can deepen your skillset and add even more value to your clients.  


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