The Difference Between Meta Dynamics™ and NLP

The Difference between Meta Dynamics™ and NLP

  • Traditional psychology focuses on the past.

  • NLP focuses on the present & short-term change. 

  • Meta Dynamics™ coaches the entire timeline and integrates past, present and future for cohesive, lasting, and meaningful change.

Please note, Meta Dynamics™ doesn't stand against traditional coaching or NLP.

Rather it seeks to integrate, distil and adapt the most effective tools and strategies, which in turn evolve and give rise to its own original models and methodologies.

  • The evolution continues through the practical application, training and feedback - both formal and informal - of Meta Dynamics™ practitioners, coaches, consultants and their clients.

Meta Dynamics™ has its own research-based coaching models and methodology, including:

  • Critical Alignment Model - this is the foundation of the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool.

  • T.R.U.S.T. M.E. Model - based on the work of Clare W. Graves and Spiral Dynamics.

  • I-AMNESS Triad and Self-Love models are the latest development, based on an extensive library of work on Family Therapy, Tribal Cycles, Roles and Developmental Psychology, most significantly led by John Bradshaw. 

Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is based on Critical Alignment Model. 

  • Empirically supported through an Alpha and Beta releases with sample size of 500+ and 2000+ respectively. 

  • Over 400+ traits were tested and analysed through for relevance and correlation to the Critical Alignment Model dimensions and proposed behavioural and thinking patterns; distilling it down to 4 categories, 16 dimensions, and 64 traits.

  • Results and relevance are cross-referenced and cross-examined with major psychometric models including: Big 5 Personality Traits, HEXACO, NEO Personality Inventory, MBTI, DISC, EQSQ, and more.

All this is covered much more in-depth at the Meta Dynamics™ Level 2 Training. 

We're in the process of publishing a research paper on the study.

We're also collaborating with University of Newcastle on a PhD longitudinal study on the effectiveness of coaching on teams and leadership.

One of our coaches is leading a project to roll out the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool for schools in Western Australia and it'll be awesome to see where that takes us and how to functions in a young adult/school context versus the adult/professional context. 

In terms of evidence there is several thousand pages of data analysis over the 3 years of research and development. 

The encoding and formula, as you know, is the intellectual property of The Coaching Institute. 


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