What's required before Foundations of Coaching Success (FOCS) training?

Foundations of Coaching Success (FOCS) is the very first live, Face to Face event for all members of The Coaching Institute and often the room we all remember meeting like minded people and connecting with ourselves and our mission deeply for the first time :)

So what do we need to do to prepare for this training when we are coming along for the first time?
If you want to prepare in depth for this training head along to page 77 in your Study Guide book for a full list.

Here are a few of the key points:

- Register for and listen to your Pre- FOCS webinar the Monday before your Foundations training
- Join the "Members of The Coaching Institute" Facebook page, check out the discussions and start contributing
- Read through your "Starter Kit for New Coaches" book and self-coach with the models you find in there.
- Log in to your Members Area (Moodle) and explore your amazing resource library
- Check out the Course Orientation Webinar - to help get you started with your course

The Course Orientation Webinar:

In saying that, you can come along with a smile on your face and a hunger to learn and be ready to go and still receive a massive amount of value!

See you in the room :)

Reviewed and updated 15/04/2020


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