How To Gather Testimonials

Gathering testimonials is a crucial part in creating social proof, credibility and trust in the eyes of prospects and potential clients. It can be the difference that makes the difference so it's important to ask for a testimonial from your clients whether they be paid or pro bono.

The testimonials you gather can then be placed within your online or offline marketing and help you take your coaching to the next level.

There is a very simple structure to follow that sets you and your clients up for success that can be found in The Ultimate Business Success Guide for TCI Coaches

This structure can be communicated to via whatever means of communication your clients prefers. Whether it be an email, over Facebook Messenger or face to face and written on paper. Whatever it is, keep it simple and light. 

Rock forth and have fun hearing about how the value you've added has changed the way your clients perceive their world.

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