Where do I find Ultimate Influence brochure templates?

Being an Ambassador of the Ultimate Influence Program (meaning you are able to sell this product and co-brand with The Coaching Institute) also gives you access to the full suite of marketing and sales materials - created by our Dream Factory - that you can use, co-brand on, and give to your clients and potential clients.

One such template is the Ultimate Influence Brochure.

You can find the Ultimate Influence Brochure templates in the Ambassador Resources.

Go to the Ultimate Influence website.
Log in using your access codes.
Head to Ambassador Resources - Marketing.

This area has ALL of the relevant marketing, sales, delivery, and Ambassador Resources to support you as an Ambassador to spread the Ultimate Influence message to your market.

If you have ANY questions, contact the Wow Team on or +61 (0)3 9645 9945.


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