Where do I find my Triad Listener Feedback form?

Your Triad feedback forms are a way for you to give the Coach feedback in each session.
This is so the Coach can grow with their skills, and also gives you great insight into what makes a great session.

What to look for; listen for and notice. How tone and presence plays out within the session and the benchmarks to aim for when coaching.

The Feedback form is found in your online members area:

Once logged on follow this pathway.
>> My Courses
>> L1. Credentialed Practitioner
>>  Your Assessment Resources
>> Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching - Assessment Resources
>> Listener/Mentor Feedback.

Download and use this form for EACH session of the triads where you are a listener.
After each session email/fax/send this form to the COACH so they can use it for their assessments.


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