I submitted my assessment. When will I get my result/certificate?

Firstly... CONGRATULATIONS!!! Completing an assessment for any of our programs is a momentous achievement.

There are a few stages to us marking and grading your work, and then sending you your certificate!


Because of the size of our assessments - and the amount of audio-visual work that must be watched/listened to - it takes our Assessors one month to mark any assessment, for any level.

Within one month, our Assessors will grade your work, and you should get an automated email from Moodle notifying you that your grade is available!

In the same place you submitted your assessment, your grade will now appear: Competent or Not Yet Competent. (If your work is Not Yet Competent, we will get in touch to let you know the next steps!)

If your work is Competent... CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have now graduated from that level of training.


Now, we will create your certificate.

Each certificate is created and individually signed by Founder of The Coaching Institute, Sharon Pearson.

This process takes up to one month to draft, print, and sign. 

Overall, the process from submitting your assessment to receiving your certificate takes up to 2 months (this assumes your work is found competent). 


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