What is the mini Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool and where can I find it?

The mini Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is an abbreviated, free version of the full Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool that is often used effectively as a client attraction tool to share insights about a potential client/ clients strengths and areas for improvement within the Critical Alignment Model.

The digital version of this tool is available to all students that have completed Meta Dynamics™ II training and have access to their Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool dashboard.

All TCI members that have been set up with a Meta Dynamics™ Dashboard ( can find the link to this tool on the first page along with their unique profiler "Access Code" required to log in to the tool.

When a client/ potential client completes and submits the tool the results are sent to the profiler's email.

A paper version of this tool and an example unpack has also been made available to all TCI Students, you can find it in Level 1 Credentialed Practitioner > Bonus Content


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