Simple Steps for a Direct Marketing Website

Having a website up and running is essential for creating leads in order for you to rock more peoples worlds and add value to those you find you online. So let's get started on the basic steps on how to use your template in Professional Master Coach level.

FIRST - THE TECHNICALITY (feel free to tune out of this if it gets a confusing at any point)

To explain this super simply, there are 4 MAIN TECHNICAL PARTS to a great direct-response marketing website (which will have the TCI tech team cringing but nonetheless )

1. SERVER (eg. CPanel is one way to manage a Server)
2. DOMAIN (eg. CrazyDomains is one company that sells domains)
3. WEBSITE (the actual website building, eg. Wordpress)
4. LANDING PAGES (advanced or targeted tools for a specific marketing purpose on your website)

The further down the list, the simpler it is for the frontend business person (as opposed to a backend tech specialist) to manage; and the more immediate impact it has on marketing results (ie. leads & client attraction)


What we use in each of these 4 categories are:

1. SERVER - Dedicated Australian-Based Server Provider + Multiple International Server Providers

(we spend $10K+ a month so steer clear, you don't need it :) ; often it's included when you buy your domain)

2. DOMAIN - CrazyDomain or GoDaddy

(really any of them will do - they'll sell you a LOT of extra stuff, but the main thing they do is host your website at the domain name you bought; we have 1000s of domain names and that's all we do with them)

3. WEBSITE - Wordpress is what we recommend if you're read to get a little advanced with a full-fledge website

(this is covered in your Pro Coach class along with the website template by the way, Module 11)

4. LANDING PAGE / WEBSITE PLUGINS - Unbounce is what we recommend if you're just getting started and all you want is potential clients (ie. leads)

(likewise, covered in the classes in Pro Coach Module 11)


1. The template is available as an Unbounce file for Unbounce only - you can upload it in 1 click to Unbounce and the page is ready to go.

2. The template is available as a Photoshop design file - which is the standard web designers work with if you want to create any type of website on any type of platform

3. The template is also there as the starting guide and reference for ANY website or landing page - with the kind of language, the flow, the key components we've found to be the most effective in marketing, from testing 100s of websites & landing pages in the coaching industry :)

This is what it looks like as a mockup:

The classes in your Professional Master Coach module
#11: Launching Your Successful Website will tell you a lot more, step by step when you're ready, Wow team can book you in for advanced one-on-one mentoring with a specialist from the Dream team as well.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945 or at 







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