Where do I find the Study Guide

The Study Guide is a required document for you to complete your assessment of any level. The Study Guide clarifies exactly how to complete your Assessment Papers and what to do in order to earn your course fees back within 18months. It's a step by step guide whether you are using the time frame in it or not. It works, so why try and reinvent the wheel?

Also the Ultimate Business Guide for TCI Coaches goes hand in hand with the study guide. If you don't have it yet check out the FAQ on where to find it.

To find this amazing resource you can go to any level of course you are enrolled in and in the first      Module, Your Manuals, Templates and Resources and in there is a red PDF called Study Guide for TCI Coaches.

Just to make it clear because this is resource is to important to miss out on here is what it looks like...

 Enjoy the Study Guide! :D

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