Everything you need to know about Advanced Practicums

What are Practicums ?

Practicums are on opportunity for you to coach under guidance of a mentor and receive feedback in relation to their course level.

This is done through a webinar series that runs over an 8 week period.

Each student will have the opportunity to play 3 different roles, once as a coach, once as a listen and once as client. When each student plays the role of the coach, the mentor will pause in real time and give  feedback to implement instantly! It is a great learning experience.

There are 2 kinds of Practicums, the Advanced Practicums which are a part of the Advanced Practitioner program and the Meta Dynamics Practicums. It is a requirement as a student to complete the relevant practicum series for your assessments.


Criteria for Advanced Practitioner Practicums

  • Have you completed your Level 1 Knowledge Papers?
  • Have you completed your Advanced Skills Training?
  • Do you have at least 6 months of coaching experience?
  • Can you attend the 8 sessions consecutively?


How to book in to Advanced Practicums 

  • Email Wow Admin at requesting to be placed in an Advanced Practicum series 
  • Wow Admin will book you in and reply with a confirmation email which will include date and time and Practicums series you are booked into.
  • About one week before the series starts  Wow Admin will send you an email with:
    * The link to register for the series
    * The Listener Feedback forms
    * The schedule of when you will be a: Coach, Client and Listener


Options to Piggy Back

If misses any of the calls, you can piggy back on the next series. Piggybacking can only be done once.

You will be required to email and request to piggyback



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