What is the Pro Bono Pool ?

Throughout your journey you may be wanting to practice more on you coaching skills and may require assistance in finding awesome people to coach. Well we have created an amazing opportunity for you to do this through the Pro Bono Pool. 


How it Works 

As a student you can place friends or family or a person you feel to close to or may have conflict of interest with into the pool to be coached. For every person you place in, you will gain a pro bono client to coach. For example if a place in 3 people; you can take out 3 people.

You are to compete six coaching sessions which are offered pro bono which are therefore complimentary in exchange for a testimonial from your client.

You must treat these clients as if they are paying $200 per hour, so ensure you offer a professional service.


How can I get started you say ! 

  1.  Attached is the Pro Bono Privacy Agreement your family/friend will need to complete, once completed email back to Wow Admin at 
  2. Wow Admin will place you on the Pro Bono Pool wait list 
  3. Once another student has submitted into the pool you will receive an email with your Pro Bono Clients details 
  4. Now you are ready to rock out !!!!


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