What is the Ultimate Business Guide and where do I find it?

The Ultimate Business Guide is a combination of mindset, standards, beliefs and structure of how to create a successful, scaleable coaching business. 

It includes GOLD on:

- Thinking about your business through the Critical Alignment Model

- Beliefs and standards in business

- Business mindset

- Goalsetting

- Logistics/ systems

- Marketing & influence

- Client experience

- Sales conversion conversation

- and much more... Told you it was GOLD!

If you are a TCI member who has joined after July 1st 2016, you will receive this book as a hard copy when you complete your Foundations of Coaching Success training.

Any TCI members that came on board as a member before July 1st 2016 please e-mail the WOW team ( and ask us how to get your copy!

If you are here to do business this resource will become your bible! Refer to it often and reap the rewards :)


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