What Manuals are available to me?

Every course Level receives the Starter Kit when they first join.
Inside are 2 Hard copy Manuals:
1. Starter Kit for New Coaches
2. Study Guide

When you attend your foundations weekend you receive 2 more Hard copy manuals.
1: Foundation Coaching Skills for New Coaches
2: Ultimate Business Guide

All other Manuals are found as PDF’s In your Online members area under “Your Manuals, Templates and Resources” be sure to check out each level of course you have access to.

For ALL Course Levels you have access to the below as PDF’s in your Credentialed Practitioner Level.

  • Study Guide for TCI Coaches
  • Foundation Coaching Skills for New Coaches
  • Advanced Coaching Skills for New Coaches

Your One-on-One Coaching Practice

You can print these off at any nearest Office Works (see the “How to Print your Manuals” FAQ for more detail)

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945 or email us at :D


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