What is the Study Guide and where do I find it?

The Study Guide is a guide that steps out step-by-step EXACTLY what you need to study and apply month-by-month throughout your coaching program to complete your program. It tells you EXACTLY where to find your resources and when you need to access them. Everything you need to complete your study course is in there.

The purpose of the Study Guide is to give you certainty and clarity around where to start and where to access your resources within your program. 

When in doubt, refer to the Study Guide.

You should be sent your Study Guide after you become a member of TCI in your Starter Kit Box. Treat your Study Guide as gold, it's exclusive for TCI students and it costs $497 to be replaced!

To find this amazing resource online, you can go to any level of course you are enrolled in and in the first Module, Your Manuals, Templates and Resources and in there is a red PDF called Study Guide for TCI Coaches.

You can find it in your Members Area > L1. Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching > Your Manual, Templates and Resources > Study Guide for TCI Coaches

Enjoy the Study Guide! :D

If you have any questions feel free ring the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945 or email us on


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