What is the Ultimate Business Success Guide and where do I find it?

If you want to start a coaching business this is the resource for you!

A step-by-step guide that goes hand in hand with your Study Guide. The goal of this guide is to show you the steps to help you achieve your goal of working with paying clients. It was designed to be completed one step each month for ten months and this is the requirement to receive your Success Guarantee.

The Ultimate Business Success Guide was created by Sharon Pearson for TCI students to model what she did to establish her multimillion dollar coaching practice. 

From the foundations of business values all the way to coaching packages and agreements, the Ultimate Business Success Guide for TCI Coaches is where you will find it. Take the guess work out of building a business and follow the systems :D

You will receive a hard copy of your Ultimate Business Success Guide at your Foundations of Coaching Success training. Treat your Business Guide as GOLD, it's exclusive for TCI students and it costs $497 to be replaced!

To find the digital version of the Ultimate Business Success Guide head to My Courses >> Ultimate Business Guide for TCI Coaches (it will only appear here after you have signed the disclaimer at FOCS) 

You can also find it in L1. Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching > Manuals, Templates and Resources


Get into the Ultimate Business Success Guide and make your dreams a reality by follow the systems that are already in place and that work!

If you have any questions please call the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945 or email us at

Reviewed and updated 11/08/2020


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