How To Find The Webinar Schedule

The webinar schedule is your go to for knowing when live webinars are running and then being able to use this information to create a structure and plan for your upcoming webinars weeks or months in advance.

Knowing and structuring your live webinar times are so important because after determining what live webinars you have to participate in by thoroughly checking the current knowledge paper you are working on, you are able to plan ahead and structure in what must be done with certainty.

Knowing exactly what live webinars you have to participate in and having them planned out frees up space in your mind to focus on other things knowing it is all taken care of. It gives you the peace of mind that if you follow what you have planned out, you will have completed all the live webinars required for your Knowledge Paper. Awesome right :D

To find and use the webinar schedule go to your TCI Members Area >> Click on the Webinars Tab >> Click on Webinar Schedule.




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