How To Register For Webinars

Live webinars are a part of your relevant level of course assessments and also go towards your live hours of training required to become qualified. They also add to you Continuous Professional Development points (CPD) and your growth as an outstanding coach.

Live webinars give you the opportunity to interact with the facilitator by writing questions into the chat box available, which gives you more ways to deepen your understanding and learning’s as you develop your coaching skills.

To register for your webinars head to your Online portal:

Once logged in, you will see a tab bar near the top of your screen with labels:
Home | My Dashboard | My Courses |Events | Webinars | FAQ

Clicking on Webinars will give you a couple of options and all the resources you need to get logged on and watching your next epic learning!
Start with the webinar schedule. Here you will find a webinar coloured key explaining the different levels of course, and all webinars available in each level.
GREEN - Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching.
BLUE – Advanced Practitioner of Coaching.
RED - Master Practitioner of Coaching.
GOLD - Accredited Professional Coach.
YELLOW – Bonus webinars for ALL levels.

Below this is all scheduled webinars, there dates and times.
Now you can plan WAY ahead of time and always know when your next class is on! Super cool right!

Once you have the webinar you are looking for along with when it’s running, go back to the home page.

The easiest way to register and see all webinars available is to click on the calendar located at the left of your screen when on the home page. Hover your mouse over the date and a pop up list will appear with webinars running that day. Click on the Date and it will take you to a screen where you can see the webinar details more clearly along with which facilitator is running them.

Click the awesome gold “Register for Webinar” button, and fill out your details when prompted.

If its right at the time the webinar starts you will be taken straight to the ‘Go2Webinar’ screen. If it’s ahead of time you will be sent a link to your email provided.

And there you have it! This way ensures you never miss a webinar available to your course level... Clicking the calendar will bring up every webinar for that day.

The best way to make sure you are always ready to rock out is to register early. You can register 2 weeks before and have the link ready to go when we kick off.
This means if any cheeky gremlins sneak the way into our system and try to hide the awesome class of rocking learning’s from you, call the WOW team and we will sweep in with a solution and make sure you are all set up for success, instead of possibly missing out by not being able to log in L - BOO!

Contact your WOW super heroes via phone or email if you need some webinar magic spread your way.
Ph: (03)96459945 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Melbourne time.
Email: anytime and we will get back to you within 24hours during the week.

The team are also available for tagging out of hours on our ‘Members of The Coaching Institute’ Face book group.

Trust you will find EPIC value on the live webinars and take your personal and coaching journey to the next level!


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