Your Live Classes & Recorded Webinars

Throughout your learning journey you will be participating in many live classes (Also known as live webinars) including our amazing Blended Learning Classes and also your recorded webinars. Today we are going to explore the difference between them and why they are so important to your development in coaching skills, business skills and in becoming a better version of you.

It's crucial to participate in these webinars for the completion of your Knowledge Paper (Assessment) and it is so much more than that. It gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in personal development, technical coaching skills, business skills and to interact and participate with your fellow students, mentors and facilitators. In the live classes you get to ask questions, clarify specifics around what you already know and have a lot of fun along the way. Our facilitators are awesome :D

The webinars are split into 3 main categories, recorded webinars, live classes or live webinars and live blended learning webinars. For information about Blended Learning Webinars please head over to FAQ section on Blended Learning as follows. FAQ >> Assessments (Your Knowledge Paper) >> Blended Learning.

Below I have included some images of recorded and live webinars from your Knowledge Paper and Members Area to give you an example of each.

Recorded Webinar:

And where you can find the corresponding recorded webinar in your Members area.

When it comes to Live Webinars you will find when the webinars are scheduled throughout the year in your Members Area under the Webinars Tab >> Webinar Schedule. From the live webinars you will record your 3 key learning's and webinar codes into your Knowledge Paper. The codes are purely to verify that you were on the class and will be given out on the live webinar.

When it comes to attending the Live Webinars there is no specific order. You can jump into any live webinar at any time :D Make sure you really look over the Knowledge Paper to know which webinars need to be attended so you can then use the webinar schedule to map out your weeks or months ahead.


Here is an example of a live webinar in your Knowledge Paper and where to find it on your Webinar Schedule.


There is a guide to help you navigate your way through your Members Area and how to register for webinars etc. You can find the webinar in Your Members Area >> My Courses >> L0 Your Starter Kit >> Coaching #8: Pre and Post Your Foundations of Coaching Success Event >> Foundations of Coaching Success - The Next Steps

Enjoy the webinars and all the fun and learning that goes with it :D

If you have any questions differentiating the webinars please ring the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945.








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