Milton Language

Milton Language Patterns originate from from the modeling of Milton Erickson, one of the worlds legendary Hypnotherapist. Richard Bandler and John Grinder used his work as part of the foundation of NLP.

Milton Language Patterns displace resistance through the use of vague and ambiguous language that can move a client into trance, give them the opportunity to experience more choice and allow the client to fill the ambiguity with the meaning they assign to the language. It is effective and beneficial to use in any form of coaching or even workshops.

To find out more on Milton Language Patterns and create an in depth understand of how to identify and utilize the patterns, check out the following locations depending on what course you are enrolled in. 


Credentialed Practitioner

Coaching #5: Technical Coaching Skills

 Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

Coaching #12: NLP Introduction

 Master Practitioner of Coaching

Coaching #2: Meta Coaching 

Coaching #5: Group Coaching and Training


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