Where do I access my event recordings?

Live training's at The Coaching Institute are always recorded and available for purchase at the back of the room.


The reason why we record the events is because it's not possible to attend a training and retain 100% of the content or experience, and we want you to have the opportunity to relive the training over and over again. Each and every time you watch the records you will learn something new or experience a new insight that you missed in the room.


We recommend purchasing the records before the event starts so you can then play full out in the room and experience all it has to offer, knowing that you can watch the recording later and take notes then if you wish. It's a successful strategy that has been proven again and again.


The recordings you have invested in will be uploaded into your Members Area roughly two weeks after the live event and you can find them from your Members Home page >> My Courses >> Product Packs.


Enjoy your recordings and if you have any further questions around the recordings please don't hesitate to ring the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945






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