Contacting the WOW Team (your Student Support Team)

The WOW Team  at The Coaching Institute are your Student Support Team for your coaching journey.

We are here to guide you, champion and share in your success, remind you of who you committed to becoming, and help you take the road less travelled to get to the next step.

We answer your questions, brainstorm ideas and connect you with different area’s in the course and content that will rock your world.

This is a one of a kind resource at your finger tips. The most successful coaches are the ones who stay connected, ask questions and check in about where they need to be, how to get there and take action.

There are many ways to get tap into this treasure trove of knowledge and support.

1. Call us, Directly on the WOW Hotline: (03) 9645 9945, Mon-Fri, 9am to 5:30pm.

2. Email us, on our fabulously tech-tastic email We absolutely will endeavour to respond to your question within 24 business hours.

3. Connect with us on the “Members of the coaching institute” Facebook Group.

You will have been added to this community of coaches when you joined as a student.

Oh social media is so amazing, especially the epic amount of connection TCI provides.

Ask questions, double check and gain advice, The WOW team are available to be tagged any time and will respond ASAP. 

We all check in daily so there will always be somebody to make sure you are all taken care of.

So have YOU called the WOW Team lately? We are waiting to share in your journey.



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