Do I have to listen to the webinars in the order they are placed in my knowledge paper?

The quick answer is No.

Your knowledge paper will outline a number of live webinars you will need to listen to for successful completion of your assessments (for example, the Credential Practitioner Knowledge Paper contains 8 live webinars you need to listen to).

They will be listed in a certain order, but you do not need to attend the webinars in this specific order, you can attend them in any order you like. Decide what webinar will be the most interesting to you and add the most value to you, based on where you are at in your journey.

If you miss a webinar, you are able to attend this webinar the next time it comes around as the webinars run on a cyclic basis, every 2-4 months.  

The live classes/webinars are often grouped into a series such as "Introduction To Business Skills 3 Part Series" or "Business Skills - 4 Part Series Business Group Mentoring 2 of 4".

Each class is individual and is NOT a carry-on from the last. This means that you can attend ANY class in ANY order.

Be sure to record your 3 key learnings and webinar codes to be entered into your corresponding Knowledge Paper/Assessment.

Enjoy the learnings and please ring the Wow Team on (03) 9645 9945 or email us at if you have any questions!



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