How to Rock Your Triads 101

Triads are the pinnacle of starting out your coaching journey. They are designed as a safe space for you to rock out, fail forward and grow in your learnings as a coach.

You are assigned into three groups of 3 people, at your Foundations of Coaching Success weekend; each group is for 9 sessions.

What am I aiming for?

To learn, to grow, to add value, to have fun, and ultimately build the skill of coaching!

As you build the skill, you will build your confidence. 

You are also aiming to be marked as competent by the triad mentors, during the 9 sessions. 

The requirement is that you are marked as competent at least ONCE out of the 6 mentor sessions.

What else do I need to know about my assessments?

You will receive a Listener/Mentor feedback form for each of the 9 sessions. Your listener is responsible for completing and providing your feedback form for the first 3 sessions, and then you will receive 3 from your first mentor, and 3 from your second mentor. You will submit these 9 feedback forms with your assessment. 

For your Level 1 assessments, your assessor is also looking for you to make continuous improvements over the 9 triad sessions, based on the feedback from your listener and mentors.

Your progress will be considered alongside your recorded coaching session that you provide as part of your assessments submission (not part of your triads). You can find more about your assessments here.

Finally, you will also submit your 3 feedback forms you completed as a listener with your assessment as well. 

You do not need to record any of your triad sessions for your assessments, however you can record these if you want to for your own review and personal growth.

Group 1 you are the Coach: 

It is your job to organise the triad, what days suit yourself, client and listener and a time that fits into every members schedules. You are to lead this group and practice your coaching skills with people who are at the same level of TCI learnings as yourself.

Triad session 1-3 does not have a TCI mentor.
Triad session 4-6 is with a TCI mentor.
Triad session 6-9 is with a 2nd TCI mentor.

The Mentor Sessions are with a senior coach here @ TCI who has years of coaching experience and delivers incredible feedback on how to take your coaching to the next level. They are there to help stretch you and champion your successes.

After your second triad session we suggest to ring the WOW team (03) 9645 9945 to organize you triad mentor. This is done again after your 5th session to book in your second mentor. 

Group 2 you will be a Client: 

You are here to assist the coach in the group to be able to practice their coaching skills. Come to your sessions with an open mind, vulnerability and ready to play at 100%. Doing this allows for your coach to gain valuable insights into how to coach, while you also get to uncover ways to be the best version of yourself you can be. Every coach needs coaching; we all have areas where we can take another step up and BE more than we are currently being. The more we are open in these sessions the more everybody in the triad can expand their knowledge.

Group 3 you are a Listener: 

The listens job is to do just that, listen. Learning from how another coach holds space in a session, and give feedback on what you heard or saw. The Listener Feedback Forms can be found in Moodle.

My Courses >> Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching >> Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching Assessment Resources >> Your Triads, Pro Bono Sessions and Skills Assessment >> Triad Listener/ Mentor Feedback Form.

These forms give you a guide on how to deliver feedback to the coach in this triad group. 
It shows you what to look out for, what to notice and how a coaching session should run.

What do you do when a triad falls apart?

Occasionally triads don’t go as planned. Some students choose to get them done quickly and organise them fast, others take it slower fitting them in where they can and on the rare occasion some don’t get started at all.

If you are a part of a triad where one or 2 of the members seem to be disengaged and you find yourself without a resourceful team then there is a process to take in order to make sure everyone is all taken care of.

Firstly, make contact with everyone in the team. You are provided with each members contact details via phone and email after your Foundations weekend.

You may have become friends on Facebook at your intake as week, so try every avenue. When trying to contact them, explain you are eager to help them in their coaching journey and support each other to be the best coaches we can be. After you have tried a number of times with no response or success to get started, let them know that you wish to complete your knowledge paper and if they are still interested then you are ready to play 100% but if not to let you know so that you may organise a NEW triad.

Then please call the WOW team. We will make sure the other students are contacted so we can help them re-engage with their course and do not miss out on the fantastic experience that being in a triad gives.

After you are given the go-ahead from the WOW Team, you may post in ‘Members of The Coaching Institute’ Facebook page requesting a new triad team member, or if you can join an existing team. The WOW Team can help you with how to make this post if you are unsure.

Triads are about learning, connecting and growing as a coach. This includes how to manage groups and be resourceful when connecting with others. 

We encourage everyone to take responsibility and go all out when attempting to connect and ignite their triads.

Now you have the facts you are ready to rock out and grow into who you need to be as a coach!

We trust you will find an amazing experience and journey ahead of you. :)



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