Where Do I Find My Triad Feedback Forms?

So you are just starting your triads and have heard about a listener feedback form and I’m sure you’re curious as to what it is, how to use it and where to find it. So lets get started :D  

P.s If you entered your 1st triad without a listener feedback form that’s cool too. Been there before haha I hope you took notes and can enter them into the feedback form. It’s time to take it to the next level

As part of your Credentialed Practitioner, you are required to be a listener in up to 9 triad sessions, and give some feedback to the coach (A minimum of 3, but the more you do the better)

This form is required to give feedback to the coach in your triads when you are the listener. I thinking behind your feedback must be to serve. You are there to listen in, hear where they did great and also where they can improve.

You’re NOT there to tell them they were fantastic and don’t need to improve or that they did nothing well and need to improve a thousand things. Hence why it’s a feedback form and not a form with a smiley face or an unhappy face on it. You are there to inform them or what they did well and where they could do better. You’re there so they can become a better coach and help them help their clients even more so.


  1. Log into your members area at
  1. Click on ‘My Courses’
  2. Click on your Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching option.
  3. Scroll down to Your Assessment Resources  
  4. Then click ‘Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching - Your Assessment Resources’
  5. In there you will find a video on how to rock your triads and also the Feedback Form
  6. In the top right hand corner there should be a download button
  7. Enjoy J and Help the coach become a better them

Now that you have a Listener Feedback Form, how do you use it?

  1. Fill out the date, your coach & client details and also your own.
  2. As you listen to the coaching session have the feedback form in sight and also have a note pad handy
  3. Take as many notes as possible as you listen to the session cross referencing with the feedback form so you’re aware of what they are doing well and some stretches for next session
  4. Then after you give some verbal feedback at the end of the session you want to cross reference your notes and feedback form and answer appropriately
  5. Each line should be answered with a Yes or No
  6. In the comments box you want to give feedback on what the coach did well and then a stretch for their next session
  7. After you complete the form you want to scan it and email it to your client
  8. Save the form in a dedicated folder so you know where to find it later


You have all you need to rock forth and guide your Triad coach to be a better them. Enjoy :D


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