I need a new listener/client?

Where can I find a replacement client or listener for my triads?

So you need a replacement client or listener? Awesome!! Maybe you are wishing to form a new triad group for some extra practice or someone from your current triad has other commitments or maybe you’re even re-doing assessment. Whatever the reasoning behind looking for new triad members, it’s totally cool and we have a great way to fill your triad with other awesome people.

The best way to find new people for a triad is to put a post up on TCI Peer Coaching Group with the details of your request. This post should include an awesome offer for other students to be coached or listen in to some coaching. In return for people joining your triad you must show your appreciation and gratitude and then show up like it matters! The standards you bring to the coaching are they standards they will bring  

The community is always there to support and champion you so there is no need to be shy. Everyone is on the same journey :)

You can find the TCI Peer Coaching Group here… 

Enjoy! And we look forward to seeing your post.


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