How Triad Mentoring Works & Rocks?

How does mentoring in your Triads work?

When you join The Coaching Institute you become part of an amazing support network, including access to two Mentors at the beginning of your training. 

You attend your Foundations to Coaching Success Intake Weekend, where you are assigned your Triad Groups. Your Triad Groups is where you will practice your coaching, be coached by someone practicing their coaching, and give feedback to someone who is practicing their coaching.

You are in each 'Triad' (group of three students) for a minimum of 9 sessions.

As the coach, you will coach a fellow student. Another student will listen and give feedback.

Once you have completed two of your three sessions of practice, you can email the Wow Team and request a Mentor to join. Include your clients name and email address in your request. You will be assigned a Mentor for the next three sessions. The reasoning to email the Wow team after your second triad is to allow time to be assigned a mentor while you complete the 3rd session. This helps keep the momentum going so you can progress even faster in your journey. The mentor will listen to you coach the student, listen to the 'listener' give feedback and then give their own feedback on:

1. How you supported each other through the session

2. How respectful you were to each other throughout the session

3. How you could have improved your coaching

4. How the listener could have improved how they give feedback

5. How to proceed in terms of next steps to improve

Thank the Mentor, ask clarifying questions and have it wrapped up within approximately 1 hour.

Once you have completed three sessions of feedback from the first Mentor, contact us again and we will assign you your second mentor. They will repeat the process.

Why two mentors?

We've found that the contrasting feedback allows for much more learning and insights. It also provides contrasting feedback so you can look for different styles that work or don't work for you.

What's the Protocol if I Have to Reschedule a Session?

If you allow plenty of notice to everyone, it's fine to reschedule. Cancellations within 24 hours result in you needing to pay the Mentor the $150 cancellation fee. This is because they are busy in their own coaching business, have set aside this time for you, and cannot reschedule a client in that spot at such notice.

How long do I have to complete my assigned Triads with each mentor?

Once you are assigned a new Mentor, once you have completed the first session, you have 6 weeks to complete all 3 sessions. Please co-ordinate your sessions within this time frame. Failing to complete three sessions with your mentor within six weeks (from your first booking with them), will result in automatic cancellation of access to your mentor and a **$250 fee** will apply.


Additional Mentor Cost

For additional Triad Mentoring there is a $150 per session cost and is paid by the student directly to TCI. Payment must be made before the session can be booked in with the mentor.





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