What is a Triad?

What is a Triad?

At your intake weekend as part of your learning you are allocated into Coaching Triads or Teams. There are three different groups you are allocated into. Practicing your coaching skills in a safe environment is one of the keys to becoming a successful coach. You are provided with 27 hours of practice sessions with other students.

Throughout your training with The Coaching Institute you will participate in coaching teams – fellow students who you work with practicing your coaching skills. Most of the teamwork is done via phone, for convenience, using a three way call set up that we cover with you during your Intake Weekend.

This is a great opportunity not only to develop your coaching skills but to also learn how to manage ‘client’ challenges and learn how to let go of your ‘map’ so you can serve your client 100% at all times. It is usual to be a little nervous, and know that you are not alone with this. Just get going with your coaching and be open to feedback so you can gain the most benefit from this fantastic part of learning.


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