Your Mobile Moodle

We live in the busy time in history, everyone has somewhere to be or something to do so it's important to use your time wisely. This is why having access to your Members Area on your phone is really useful and important. It gives you the opportunity to do your pre learning, webinars, listen to recorded classes etc anywhere you are at anytime.
Currently the Moodle App does not support the Members Area but there are two easy ways you can listen to TCI Gold on your phone so let's get into it.
1. Listening to content straight from your Members Area via your mobile internet.
- This is the most straight forward and easiest option to access your Members Area on your phone.
- Simply go to your preferred web browser 
- Go to
- Enter your login details as normal
- Done! You are now in your Members Area on your phone and can use it just as you would on your computer
- It scales nicely and works well provided you have good internet coverage.
Note: When downloading or listening to anything straight from your Members Area (especially videos) watch out for your download limits!

2. Download the video's or audios to your computer then transfer to your phone.

Underneath each video in your Members Area there are two options for downloading, A- download the video or B- Download the audio.
After you click your preferred choice it will ask you select where you want the file to download to within your computer.
The next step is to transfer it from computer onto your phone. :D
Depending on what phone you use (not everyone has an Iphone okay) you will have a different way of transferring files onto your phone. If you don't know how or it's been a while I would recommend heading to YouTube and search for "How to transfer videos or audio on to...(enter phone here)" and there will be a step by step tutorial on how to do it :D So awesome right?!

Note: when downloading content from your Members Area (especially videos) watch out for your download limits! Best to do it when you have wifi!
Feel free to contact the WOW Team on (03) 9645 9945 or if you would like any assistance with this! :D


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