The Critical Alignment Model

The Critical Alignment Model is the all encompassing model which can be used in every situation in life. All our successful coaches are using it and is simply a must. 

It's so important and valuable because of it's functionality. It can be used as a thinking and coaching model to a gap analysis for relationships, businesses or playground designs. In every circumstance the Critical Alignment Model can be used.

It is split into four categories, E - S - I - P 


E is for Environment. It includes categories such as Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values, Beliefs etc.

S is for Structure. It consists of the systems and structures, planning and organization, benchmarks, categories of performance, etc

I is for Implementation. It is the doing part of the model. What is it that is actually being done that is set up through the E and I. The action taken

P is for People. It can be who is involved, the quality of relationships, the discussions, feedback, etc


To find out more on the Critical Alignment model and create an in depth understand of how to utilize it check out the following locations depending on what course you are enrolled in. 


For a complete list of audio and video recordings on the Critical Alignment Model, click on this link - The Critical Alignment Model: Where to find videos/audios


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